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11:00 | Welcoming and introduction

Who are we and why are we doing all of this? After a brief welcome by the organisers, Munich's city director Rudolf Fuchs will officially open the festival.

No registration required.

11:20 | Spoken Words

Poetry Slam at it`s finest by Frederike Grund

No registration required.

11:30 | Keynote Speeches and Panel Discussion

Why are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) important for me, Munich, Germany and the world?

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster (Council for Sustainable Development), Munich City Director Rudolf Fuchs, Katharina Habersbrunner (MIN - Munich Sustainabiliy Initiative) und Chantal Ebelsheiser (InnovationsGeist)

No registration required.

13:00 | Climate-Survey with Menti

Your opinion matters! Menti gives you an opportunity for participation and tests your ideas about climate-relevant questions.

The survey will be performed by MIN Manufacture 8 "Participation and Public involvement" and Netzwerk Gemeinsinn.


No registration required.

13:15 | Lunch Break

You'll find delicious food (also vegan and gluten-free options) on our Foodtrucks RuzaNera and Die Intolerante Isi - enjoy!

14:00 | Capoeira with Gingando Sempre

Capoeira - the historical art of fighting against oppression

Keynote speech about Capoeira and performance

Sprache/Language: Deutsch/English

No registration required.

Film (GER)! 
14:45 | We Unite

Short film about two organic farmers and their intention to participate in the annual demonstation "We are fed up!"  in Berlin. Together with hundreds of farmers around Germany, they drive their tractors to Berlin to stand up for sustainable and fair agriculture in Germany and the world.

No registration required.

Film (GER)!
15:15 | Newcomers

"Newcomers" is a documentation about refugees sharing their stories. 29 interviews and personal stories give you an insight about their dreams and daily fights. How does it feel to be new in a society? How can they deal with their past, their traumas? How is life as a refugee in Germany? by Caritas

No registration required.

16:30 | Grün&Gloria Lab


Grün & Gloria and Impact Hub Munich present extraordinary Munich start-ups. Who has the best ideas, services and products? You decide!

No registration required.

18:00 | Snack break

Enjoy delicious food at our food trucks "Die intolerante Isi" and RuzaNera  and organic coffee from Coffee-Bike!

18:30 | Theatre short piece "It Starts With Me"

Munich Feminist Project presents: Chantal Bilodeau's It Starts With Me is a battle cry, a gathering of voices, and a call to action. We join our words with hers in a collaborative piece inviting both performers and audience to come together as a global community and raise our voices for change. (English language)

The performance is also a part of The Climate Change Theatre Action coordinated by The Arctic Cycle, The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts and Theatre Without Borders.

No registration required.


Music from Munich for both young and old: swing your hips with the sound of Beatprotest!

No registration required.

13:30 | Trees of the future

Keynote Speech - Plant for the Planet

It all started with a school presentation and today Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world. The kids involved in the project give short presentations about their work and ask for a change to save their future.

For children and young adults

No registration required.

14:15 | Confession Session

Workshop - MIN Participation

The Initiative MIN - Munich Sustainability Initiative - is an alliance of different organisations and initiatives from Munich of all areas of sustainability. The goal of MIN is the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Munich. How can we redesign Munich in a sustainable way? In this workshop, we`ll discuss and develop different apporaches to reach this goal.

no registration required - be on time, places are limited!


15:30 | Sustainable finances

Keynote Speech - GLS-Bank

Who is GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG and what does sustainability mean to them?

In this short presentation, you`ll learn about their work and why switching to a sustainable bank makes such a huge difference.

No registration required.

16:30 | Healthy minds

Speech - Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Preventive Stress-Management with Meditation in peacefulness, sustainable lifestyle by deceleration, mental balance, burnout-prevention: how is this possible? This speech gives you answers, including a guided meditation.

Suitable for all ages

No registration required.

17:30 | Sustainably healthy in Munich

Workshop - MAGS

Examples of local projects of three districts in Munich display the beginning of three sustainability flows: how can life become more healthy in the city? All participants work together to find the best ideas to connect the 17 SDGs with healthy living conditions for people in critical social situations.

No registration required - be on time, places are limited!

10:30 - 18:30 | Print with Peace of Paper

Hands-on activities with Practice Peace

Practice Peace presents the work of artists Luzi Illustrella and Sabine Bouyssy on the issues Peace and Engagement.

The Initiative K&K (Art and children) introduces themselves.

The Integration-Project Peace of Paper linvites to print together.

Suitable for all ages

No registration required.

10:30 - 18:30 | Message in a bottle! Water stories

Hands-on activities with Ökoprojekt MobilSpiel e.V.

We explore the element water as most important resource for humans, animals and plants. Why is water so precious? Do all humans on this earth have access to clean water? How much water to you use every day compared to people in other countries?

For children and families

No registration required.

10:30 - 18:30 | Cress for Kids

Hands-on activity with Kartoffelkombinat

Take your own cress seed home and enjoy it everyday!

For children and families

No registration required.

10:30 - 18:30 | Regional apple juice from fallen fruits

Sales promotion with Auergarden

The "Solidary Agriculture" Auergarden from Freising owns a rare treasure: a meadow orchard with more than 100 ancient apple species. But what happens with the fruits which fall to the ground? Those fruits become a delicious apple juice.

More than organic! Enjoy our fruits!

Suitable for all ages

No registration required.

10:30 - 16:00 | Screen Printing

Hands-on activity with Zusammenleben Willkommen

Many things make you angry? You want to see changes? Put your statement on your bag, shirt or top! Just bring your favorite item and let`s print!

Suitable for all ages

No registration required.

14:00 | Help the insects: building insect nesting aids

Workshop with Bund Naturschutz

Build your own insect hotel for your garden, balkony or city park!

Suitable for all ages

No registration required - be on time, places are limited!

14:00 | Meditation Session

Workshop with Sahaja Yoga

Meditative workshop for Stress-Management and prevention of Burn-out.

Speaker: D.I. Norbert Wanger (HP)

No registration required - be on time, places are limited!

English translation possible

15:00 | Internet of Plants

Workshop with ReDi-School

Plant identification in a new way:

Internet of Plants meets flora or how your teach your plant to chat.

For children

No registration required - be on time, places are limited!

English translation possible

16:00 | Vegan spread homemade

Workshop with Brigitte Dost-Tauschel

Sick of cheese and sausage on your bread, but no idea for alternatives? This workshop shows you how to make delicious and eco-friendly spreads at home.

For all ages

No registration required.

16:00 | Clothes Meet Swap

Nothing at all to wear in your closet? Instead of buying unsustainable mass products, swap your old clothes and get new ones at our Clothes Meet Swap!

The best thing about it: cleaning out your closet!

Suitable for all ages

No registration required.

10:30 - 18:00 | non-stop info booths with hands-on activities for all

APPELL - Verein zur Förderung von Umwelt und Gesundheit e.V.

Auergarden  - Solidarische Landwirtschaft

BENG - Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft

BUND Naturschutz in Bayern - Umweltschutzverband

BISS - Bürger in sozialen Schwierigkeiten

Blickpunkt Auge - Beratungsstelle des Bayrischen Blinden- und Sehbehindertenbunds

Deine Isar - Saubere Isarufer

Einfach gemeinsam Leben - Minimalismus leben im Tinyhouse

Kartoffelkombinat e.G. - Genossenschaftlicher Gemüseanbau

Kleidertausch im Exil - Kleidertauschparty

MAGs - Münchner Aktionswerkstatt Gesundheit

MIN - Münchner Initiative Nachhaltigkeit

Netzwerkfrauen Bayern - Netzwerk von und für Frauen und Mädchen mit Behinderung in Bayern

Ökoprojekt Mobilspiel  - Umweltbildung für Kinder, Jugendliche, Familien und Multiplikatior*innen

ONE - internationale Organisation gegen extreme Armut

Practice Peace Project - Platform für Utopie, Kunst und Aktion

ReDI-School - digital intergration

Sahaja Yoga - Yoga und Meditation

Solar für Kinder - Social Impact Business, Experiment with Solar

Stell Dir V(o)R - Social Startup zur Förderung von Bildung und Nachhaltigkeit

THRIVE International - Förderverein für soziale Projekte

WECF - Women Engage for a Common Future

Zusammenleben Willkommen - Wohnraum für geflüchtet Menschen